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New Deadly Sins & Virtues 
Analysis. Data Visualization. Development.

We all know about the seven deadly sins from early Christianity. In modern society, what do we actually consider as the worst, and best human qualities? Do we have those qualities ourselves – and what about others?

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These questions form the foundation of this project. New Deadly Sins and Virtues’ mission is simple; make a visual impression of the best and worst qualities, and get people to evaluate and reflect upon their own and others’ behavior. Designwise, we created a story-driven website with an appealing, minimalist look, creating clear references to heaven and the darker hell. We wanted the deadly sins and virtues to be something less abstract and more relevant to the user by visualizing the data in a simple and tangible way. Swedish author Stefan Einhorn created a dataset based on a survey of 1077 Swedes and this project is the result of that. This project was created in collaboration with Hanne Jalborg and Dan Einhorn.