Project information 

Salling Department store 
Concept. Branding. Strategy. UX. Web.  

Salling’s entire visual identity was designed in the store’s first year and therefore appears somewhat old-fashioned and inconsistent. The main issue is that the shopping experience does not meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Therefore I asked; how might we help Salling to fulfill their potential and propel the brand into the digital era?

Year 2013 —  

In the current concept, there is no other experience for the customer than to get a bargain. The goal is therefore to distance Salling from the target group’s prior expectation of it being a discount mall, through a more inspiring atmosphere. This aim requires a rethinking of the concept which should be obtained through a new quality-conscious, modern and engaging design. Building on a design research process, I developed a new logo based on the old and very characteristic S, which also forms the basis of the 5. element. In addition there is a strong emphasis on digital media and in particular the webshop so that Salling goes from being the local department store to appealing to a bigger national audience. This project is a fictional project and has not been implemented for commercial use.


As a new concept, I developed a squared layout grid making content easily accessible. The design has a minimalistic look and the presence is focused on the visitor’s experience of the products in order to strengthen Salling’ brand through the use of the same design elements as in the store. In addition the app is allowing the customers to search for outfit suggestions and cheaper alternatives based on a specific style.