Project information —
Concept. UX. Webdesign 

The Copenhagen based fashion store Troelstrup are renowned throughout Denmark for good quality and outstanding customer service, but they have slowly lost relevance; especially among the younger generation. For Troelstrup this meant the beginning of a journey where they firstly redefine themselves and find out how they fit into the wide array of digital possibilities.


Year 2014 —

I was asked to help created a new website that embraces all the values and history of Troelstrup in a modern way. The site should let the users enjoy what they came for – the clothes – but also use Troelstrup’s 100 years of experience to guide the customer in the right direction when buying clothes online. Also for people visiting the site for the first time the website should give them a good sense of the brand behind the online store and it should be an experience that also encourages them to visit the physical store. Consequently, I created this rebrand of one of the best and oldest fashion stores in Denmark. This website is created in collaboration with Troelstrup’s marketing department in 2014.